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MKSHFT. FINANCE, the financial services comparison website of Europe. Built to help and guide people all around the world to choose the perfect financial products. On our platform you can easily compare loans, creditcards, brokers and countless other products.

MKSHFT to the rescue!

Don’t worry, we got the solution for you. Use one of our handy comparison tools to get a clear picture of the market. In our comparison tool, the good and bad sides of all services are reviewed and comparing the estimated interest rate, loan time and other criteria suddenly becomes very easy.
About us

Compare financial products with Ease

In this time and age, finding the perfect financial product looks easy at first sight. Don’t be mistaken, this quest can be rather chaotic and frusting. The enormous amount of suppliers in the financial market and their wide range of products makes the quest of finding your perfect product harder day by day.

1. Orientation

You are looking for a specific product in the financial sector, you’re not quite sure which options are available for your needs. Use online to learn more about all the fast and secure solutions the financial market provides for your needs.

2. Research

You might have found a product that looks interesting. Time to start researching the pro’s and con’s. Use one of guides to learn everything about a potential financial product you want to use. We provide you with detailed and up-to-date information.

3. Comparison

You now know which product suits you best. Time to find the best provider or supplier. Use one of our easy comparison tools or overviews to get a clear sight of the financial market in your country. Compare factors like interest, reviews, offers and other criteria.

4. Best deal

Congratulations, after the comparison was made you’ve found the right financial product. Using saved you a lot of time, gave you insights in all the possibilities and provided you the most interesting financial products that cater your specific needs.

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Our Values

  • Independent, simple and transparent; that’s We want you to choose the best financial product in a simple way without having to worry about anything. That’s why the information we show in our comparison tools is honest and clear. Saving easily on financial products with a clear, transparent overview is our core business.
  • The cheapest provider for a loan, credit card, broker or other financial service is always at the top of our comparator. Of course, making a good choice is more than just selecting the cheapest product. That’s why we also compare financial products on the following criteria:
  1. Customer rating
  2. Conditions
  3. Price/quality ratio
  4. Reviews
  • On you can compare financial products for free and without obligation. This will always be the case. How do we earn? When you purchase a product via, we receive a compensation from the provider at the moment you are actually accepted.
  • The exact amount of the fee varies per product and per provider. In any case, you do not pay anything extra for these costs and the amount of the fee does not affect how we present the results to you!

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