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The Trade Issue


Our new issue is an exploration of creative exchange. We followed analog wire transfers across the Middle East, swapped organs in China, and dug into the dense trade networks within Uganda’s Nakivale refugee camp. The Trade Issue is now available for purchase online and en route to subscribers and over 50 stores around the world.

Preview the Trade Issue here and pick up a copy or subscription in the Makeshift ShopPremium Subscribers will receive photo prints and cleverly designed wallets crafted in Cairo’s Garbage City, featured in this issue. Thanks to our fantastic contributors and partners for digging up ever-deeper street-level stories.

The Trade Issue is proudly supported by Return on Innovation.



Easter’s Blowing Up

Picture a very small space containing a very large dragon-like thing, spinning and shooting flames. Then picture a lot of people in that space, and a lot of explosives – real explosives – inside that dragon. It’s a unique take on ‘Happy Easter’.

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