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Explore the why and how behind our recent redesign in our latest Medium post

Proofs of the redesign

Our second piece is up on Medium, this time detailing the intention and process behind our recent redesign. It’s an overhaul that touched every piece of the company, from our brand to our editorial direction to our business model. I titled the piece Printworthy because the tone of the redesign was very much about questioning in a fundamental, existential way why were in print–and if we were going to stay with that format how we could make sure we earned it.

“Advisors and armchair critics have challenged us to move to a digital-only format (and we did just launch what we think is one of the best reading experiences on the web). But we know our readers hold onto our print issues, usually indefinitely. We know our issues are greater than the sum of their parts, and the social web values click-bait headlines. And we know that only print can make the right first impression with our audience. These three truths formed the foundation of the following principles behind the redesign of Makeshift.”

Printworthy on Medium



Society’s Sandbox

Take a journey through Makeshift stories and some of our other work on Medium for some insight into our perspective on the world.