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The creative audiences you want to engage already read, watch, and listen to a sea of content. They’re selective about what they consume, and they’re skeptical about being sold to. We’ll help you reach them through content they’ll love.

The power of content

Traditional advertising is waning, supplanted by providing value to readers through great content. A 2013 Aberdeen Study found that content marketing increased conversion rates over display ads by 580%.  But the bar is high – Forrester estimates $33 billion will be spent on content marketing by 2016.

Whether you want to inspire a creative audience, attract or retain customers, or just showcase your brand next to incredible stories, Makeshift draws on its brand, talent, and network to deliver unparalleled content and set your brand apart.

Make your content work for you

Great content is essential for engaging creators, but it doesn’t deliver ROI on its own. We start with your business goals, which drive the production and distribution of content. Then we’ll analyze the results with you and tweak for maximum engagement.

Flow Chart

Plan – What audience are we targeting? What type of engagement?  Do you want to showcase your existing work in a shareholders’ annual report or target young creatives with a compelling short video series?

Produce – What stories will we tell?  How will we tell them? With a contributor network as large as ours, the sky’s the limit.  We can bring ideas to the table, collaborate with you to create them together, or select stories that match initiatives you’re already working on.

Promote – How will we reach the target audience and drive engagement? We’ll go to where your audience is.

Perform – Are we meeting our goals? How can we improve? Our measurement and feedback loop lets us adjust while the project is in motion and make the next one even better.

A global network


Our secret to finding incredible stories is the Makeshift Creative Network, a group of over 600 storytellers, illustrators, web developers, and other top creatives we work with behind the scenes. That’s how a story from a reporter on the ground in Myanmar pairs with an illustration from the UK, gets edited in Mexico, lays out in Spain, prints in Canada, and arrives at a college classroom in the US.

Our Offerings

Our core production team works with the Makeshift Creative Network to deliver award-winning content across a variety of media. So wherever your audience is, we’ll go. Need a short film on ingenious invention for millennials? No problem. An annual report that showcases your work in local context? We’ve got your back.

Be one of our success stories


New Life for Old Stories

Makeshift worked with GE to bring stories of their energy work in Africa to life for an audience of social innovators. We adapted their content with a new voice and laid it out beautifully with original infographics in our magazine.



Custom Content for Makers

Autodesk asked Makeshift to align their brand with a movement of makers, hackers, and doers. The result was a set of infographics about impact design, a video series profiling climate innovators, and a series of blog posts with content from our network.


Better Than Textbooks

For a class at the University of Pennsylvania, Makeshift reinvented the textbook. Our resulting “instructional magazine” engaged students with unique design stories, beautiful photography and graphics, and resources for self-directed learning.