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Palestine’s lone brewery unites conflicted cultures in an unlikely Oktoberfest celebration

— Occupied Brews

The village of Taybeh, population 2,000, is a far cry from the holiest site in the West Bank. A sleepy hilltop village encircled by magnificent olive groves, Taybeh boasts just one biblical reference and a handful of crumbling historic sites—a paltry offering compared to neighboring Jerusalem, just 20 kilometers and several military checkpoints southwest.

But, for two wet and wild days every October, Taybeh Brewery becomes an unparalleled epicenter of modern religious and cultural worth. Here, thousands of lederhosen-clad, keffiyeh-wearing, and beer-loving tourists join curious Palestinians and brave Israelis for the world’s only Occupied Oktoberfest. Politics are put on a rare hold, and glasses are raised for a different, if less divine pilgrimage: beer sampling in the Holy Land.

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