Making the Electronic Sausage—Makeshift
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Making the Electronic Sausage

Everything you wanted to know about digitizing Makeshift’s content, but were afraid to ask.

We’re certainly not a traditional organization – we have no office, we’re the opposite of vertically integrated, and our contributors and staff span more time zones than I have fingers.  And we don’t think of our processes as closely-guarded secrets. To make our content available in whatever medium our readers choose to consume it, we had to go back into the archives and transform it from print to digital.  I have significant life experience as a nerd/hacker and bought the open-source doctrine hook, line, and sinker: we stood on other peoples’ shoulders to get this job done, and we should pay it forward.  Making something like Makeshift isn’t always pretty, but the process is a hell of a lot of fun.  Enjoy.

Like the hidden creativity we cover in the magazine, the process alternated between elegant and messy.  Sometimes we made tradeoffs and judgement calls – certain tasks could have been automated more fully, but would have required more development and testing time than an ugly chug-some-coffee-and-brute-force-it kind of solution. Making the Electronic Sausage on Medium

Photo by Anna Waldman-Brown



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