Mail by Numbers—Makeshift
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Mail by Numbers

If you live in Costa Rica, your mailman knows your home by description, not address.


  • Became

    The fallacy is to assume that the person who picks the letter after it has been posted should be able to “know” where it is addressed to. in deed, writing the address bottom to top is much more efficient. The mail person in Atlanta, only needs to know the country the letter is going to and put in the appropriate pile. The mail agent in that country only needs to know which city in her country it is going to. In that city, the agent only needs to know the neighbourhood…and the mail man in that neighbourhood only needs to know a the main landmarks in his neighbourhood, and anyone there will tell you who the recipient of the letter is and where to find him. I have often been stopped by the mail man in the street of my small village and handed my mail…instead of it lying in my house awaiting my return.


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