Letters to the Editor: Thank You Edition—Makeshift
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Letters to the Editor: Thank You Edition

We assembled our favorite Letters to the Editor to thank our readers this Thanksgiving

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I’m writing to you, home in New York with my family, on American Thanksgiving. I want to express gratitude on behalf of the global Makeshift team for the people who mean the most to us: our readers. In celebration of you, we’ve assembled some of our favorite Letters to the Editor. This isn’t an easy business, but feedback like this keeps us motivated to produce an uncompromising product for you. Reach out to us at any time, and in the meantime, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

“There is a market for niche publications if given a chance. And this one, with online and printed content, looks to be one of the most promising because it takes an off-the-beaten-track approach to finding stories that most media would pass up in favor of popularity.”

“As an original supporter, I am thrilled with your progress. Make sure you keep the print version—there is nothing like it when the lights go out!”

“Makeshift is an amazing magazine that shows an under appreciated part of the world. I hope it lasts forever.”

“I just subscribed to the print version and am VERY excited for it to arrive. I plan on reading and enjoying each issue before mailing to a friend living in South Sudan so she, her husband, and coworkers can also enjoy. We love Makeshift!”

“Makeshift seems like a truly innovative and very 21st century approach to innovation journalism, and more appealing/authentic than its competitors.”




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On Assignment Letters