Launching Crowds at Clinton Global—Makeshift
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Launching Crowds at Clinton Global

Today marks the launch of the Crowds Issue, and we’re camping out at Clinton Global Initiative, where folks are talking about “mobilizing for impact”. In our exploration of hive minds, we dissected the masses to determine what makes people congregate and what tools make them productive. Our dedicated contributors tracked vigilantes in Guatemala, attended pickpocket school in Spain, and crammed into transit with train pushers in Japan.

The Crowds Issue is now available for purchase online and en route to subscribers and over 100 stores around the world. Preview the Crowds Issue here and pick up a copy or subscription in the Makeshift ShopPremium Subscribers will receive photo prints and Rescue Chocolate.

The Crowds Issue is proudly supported by Return on Innovation and co-curated with Openbox. Look for us with Openbox around CGI today and tomorrow!

Cover photo by Kim Newton



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