Systems design that unlocks hidden creativity—Makeshift
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Systems design that unlocks hidden creativity

Bring Makeshift to your organization for talks, workshops, and advisory services

Institute Overview


The Makeshift Institute helps clients
 design systems that unlock hidden creativity
 in their organizations and markets. Every organization needs a structure, whether a team or a city. We want to help you organize in a way that unleashes the creative potential of your people.

What is Systems Design?

Systems Design is a human-centered approach to designing the “glue” among associated people. We use our Systems Design Web to target interventions.

Systems Design Web

Radar chart shows a sample performance evaluation across the five elements against a target operating model. This is a tool we can use with you to determine where to focus interventions.

Our Design Methods

These are the methods we use to design with our clients and teach to our students. Each cycle corresponds to a particular deliverable: Insights and Experiments. Our deliverables are not just static documents; you’ll experience the Insights and Experiments with us.

Insight and Experiment Loops

Our Offerings

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Advisory Services

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School of Visual Arts

Makeshift teaches design graduate students deep urban ethnography each spring

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