Infographic: Speak My Language—Makeshift
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Infographic: Speak My Language

Documenting our ever-changing chatter, including information pipelines and rapidly evolving languages.
Uncategorized Cell phones

From submarine fiber to towering transmitters, technology has laid the piping for us to connect across vast distances. And more nodes are in more hands: there are nine mobile subscriptions for every 10 people. But how does this affect how we communicate? Western influence in technology and politics has bred three times as many non-native English speakers as native ones, boosting the language mortality rate to a record high. But not to fear—recognizing that English isn’t a suitable conveyor of every cultural nuance, new pidgins and dialects are cropping up and evolving each day. Here’s a look at our ever-changing chatter.



Pleasure Hacking

Tricia Wang visits China's cyber cafes to investigate a national phenomenon that's breaking through the Great Firewall and building community.
Uncategorized Asia Pacific