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How to Start a Magazine

Reflecting on lessons from four years in print

Today is my last day as Executive Director at Makeshift. As of tomorrow, I will be transitioning to an advisory role and leaving the organization in the hands of a capable leadership team I’m proud to have attracted over the last four years. As opposed to solo-effort indie mags, Makeshift has always been a collaborative endeavor, and thus the transition has been seamless.

I’ve taken this opportunity to reflect on lessons learned over the last four years so I can leave them not only with my team but with any ambitious minds who wish to create a magazine of their own.

“Now is my moment to reflect on this process. For the many of you who have asked me how to start a print magazine of your own, what follows is the best advice I can offer. This is not a guide to the nuts and bolts of finding a printer and selling subscriptions but a contemplation of the major elements that will set you up for success. By the end of this piece, you’ll understand that “How do I start a magazine?” is actually the wrong question to ask.”

How to Start a Magazine on Medium


  • Luke

    Exceptional article well done. Does Steve consult with publishing companies looking to launch a magazine? We are on the brink of a similar launch and would love to hire Makeshift directors Myles or Melanie to help us assemble a product that will bring to light wordily issues.
    Thank you for any insight.

    Luke Hall


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