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Who responds to my emails?
Makeshift is published by a passionate global team of volunteers and freelancers. When you email Makeshift, you’ll likely get a response from an unpaid staff member (like our director) on his or her nights and weekends. We love talking to our readers, and we want to be as helpful and prompt as possible, so keep this in mind when you reach out to us.

Can I contribute to Makeshift?
Sure! Makeshift welcomes journalists, photographers, videographers, and experts to contribute from anywhere in the world. We send out calls for pitches for each themed issue once a quarter, as well as for videos as needed. If you’re interested in contributing, sign up for our contributors email list  and refer to our contributor guidelines.

Do you accept pitches?
We only accept pitches in response to our quarterly calls for pitches, as opposed to on a rolling basis.

How else can I help?
We rely on our readers to spread the word! Consider introducing us to your local retailer, host a reading or issue launch party, spreading the word to your social network, or purchasing a gift subscription. You can reach out to us at any time.

Why do subscriptions auto-renew?
Subscriptions to Makeshift didn’t always auto-renew, but feedback from our readers was that purchasing a new subscription each year was a hassle, and they have become used to modern, digital subscriptions that don’t require management. You can, of course, cancel your print and digital subscriptions at any time in your account.