Deep Cover—Makeshift
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A Ghanaian journalist goes way undercover to document criminal activity

— Deep Cover

08. Copycats Dispatches
An arm sliced off just above the elbow sits in a glass display case in the dimly lit office. Its white skin gives to the touch, and the palm lines are so clear a fortune teller could predict its future. Bone shards and sliced muscles protrude at the arm’s end, where it seems a harsh cut tore the skin. It is small; it could have belonged to a child.

The albino arm was so real it convinced both the criminals and the border guards at the Tanzanian airport. When Anas Aremeyaw Anas pulls it from the display case, he gasps with pride. “We look for the best in the world to build,” he says. “Feel it and see. Does it feel real?”

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Hanoi’s black market copies its own goods, undercutting the destructive rhino horn trade

— Horny Demand

08. Copycats Dispatches