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Editor-in-chief Myles Estey on assignment

Cheers to “Cartel Land”

If Makeshift had an office, we’d be cracking open some bubbly and slicing a saccharine sheet cake — perhaps with a frosting portrait of Editor-in-Chief Myles Estey on top. “Cartel Land,” the documentary he co-produced with director Matthew Heineman, just earned the Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Pour that cheap Champagne!


“Cartel Land” (2015) follows vigilante groups on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border as they fight against Mexico’s omnipotent drug cartels. When Myles wasn’t helping craft our quarterly magazine and video series, he was on the ground in Michoacán, Mexico, or tucked inside a New York City editing studio working on this now-Oscar-nominated film. We at Makeshift are immensely proud of Myles and the entire “Cartel Land” team.

Watch the documentary’s trailer here. And keep your fingers crossed on February 28!

Photo credit: Daniel Fernández


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