Makeshift is a print and online magazine about creativity in informal economies, from the favelas of Rio to the Internet underworld. These are environments where regulations and resources may be scarce but where ingenuity is used incessantly for survival, enterprise, and self-expression. Makeshift is about people, the things they make, and the places where they make them.

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Steve Daniels

Myles Estey

Justin Levinson
Online Editor

Santos Henerejos
Art Director

Melanie Chow
Business Development

Alexia Liakounakou
Editorial Assistant

Matt Prindible
Research Assistant

Emily Bartlett
Community Manager

Gema Navarro
Editorial Designer

Alex Goldis
Publishing Assistant

Stephanie Davidson
Illustration Editor

Soh Nagano
Infographic Editor

Romualdo Faura
Infographic Designer

Zach Caldwell
Video Editor




Makeshift is published by Analogue Digital, an organization dedicated to researching, communicating, and supporting grassroots innovation around the world. We print with Shapco in Minneapolis, MN.


For general and contributor inquiries, contact us or send an email to editor@mkshft.org. For advertising inquiries, visit mkshft.org/ads.



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