Infographic: A Year in Protests—Makeshift
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The world has been swept by a wave of globally connected protests. Here's why Resistance will never be the same again.

— Infographic: A Year in Protests

03. Resistance Global Treks

Last year, mass demonstrations erupted throughout every inhabited continent. Each resisted a different power—corrupt governments, unethical corporations, or wealthy citizens. But they all represented a new kind of resistance that leveraged global networks and novel tools. At times, the protests seemed so connected that they were inseparable. Occupy organizers cited the Arab Spring as an inspiration, and on October 15, occupiers converged with anti-austerity protesters in Europe for a Global Day of Action. Technology allowed groups with seemingly irreconcilable identities to find common ground, amplify their message, and organize. Resistance will never be the same.

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A visual tour of Resistance around the globe, from JR's famous decoration of troubled barrios to Occupy Wall Street's surveillance-free radio system.

— Observed: Resistance

03. Resistance Global Treks