From the Makery: Hiding in Public, The Bagel Project, and a Landfill Orchestra

Art,Business,Community,Technology January 21, 2013 7:38 pm
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Hiding in Public

Artist Liu Bolin hides in public. These photographs show him installed and invisible in a variety of city landscapes, all without the use of photoshop: he employes a variety of techniques, including sculpture and bodypaint.

The Bagel Project

Photographer Justin Bettman approached homeless people with a bagel in exchange for a photo and a bit of their time – but was surprised to find that often, they preferred having the company more than the food.

“In major urban areas like LA, we tend to get used to the people who sit on the curbs, or push around broken shopping carts. The people that talk to themselves because no one else will listen.”

Landfill Harmonic

An orchestra is forming in Cateura, Paraguay – a slum built on a landfill. The residents of the town recycle and sell trash to survive, and have created instruments like violins and cellos out of the refuse.


Most professional photographers working today will never set foot inside a darkroom. Adam Bartos views his prints as “objects with history” – the time and effort put into making analog prints imbues them with meaning. A photo essay of darkrooms, part laboratory and part personal space.

Monster Pedal Power

Monster pedal power. This bike, designed and built by Zhang Yali and friends of Jilin, China, weighs over a ton.