From the Makery: El Salvador’s Circus, Creative Repair, and Ice Records

Art,Business,Technology January 14, 2013 8:54 pm
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El Salvador’s Circus

In rural El Salvador, the circus is a far cry from Barnum and Bailey. Families of 4-6 set up the tent, make their own costumes, and perform their shows with heavily armed guards outside to protect attendees from the rampant gang violence. This photo essay documents six families who put on these performances.

Creative Repair

London-based designer Paulo Goldstein turned the concept of repair on its ear. Typically, we look to find original parts and put a broken object back together as it was. In Paulo’s project, ‘Repair is Beautiful’, he encourages using nonstandard parts like wood and bones to restore functionality to an object – and to reap the benefits of gaining control over your world.

Ice Records

For most of our readers in the northern hemisphere, it’s that horrible, freezing time of the year with no worthwhile holidays to look forward to. In Stockholm, the sun sets around 3PM, leaving plenty of time to play this record from local indie rockers the Shout Out Louds…made of ice.

Cloud Face Scanner

Neil Usher’s creation searches for pareidolic patterns – a psychological phenomenon in which abstract patterns are perceived as something familiar, like the man in the moon. This robot scans the clouds for faces, assisting the user in daydreaming.

Phone Quick Draw

Tired of running for the ringing phone, only to miss the incoming call? Try this Japanese inventor’s quick-draw iPhone system on for size.