Manufactured: Abel Carranza’s Underground Beats

Business,Spaces,Technology January 22, 2013 5:55 pm

For this instance of Manufactured, our video series about entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators devoted to their craft, we took a trip to Mexico City.

Slinging CDs in the crowded subways isn’t an easy gig. The vendors, known as vagoneros, walk from car to car offering music from cumbia to reggaeton on CDs stuffed into plastic sleeves.

Like most vagoneros, Abel played samples of his wares through a portable speaker.  Unsatisfied with the audio quality and appearance, he decided there was a better setup waiting to be invented. Through experimentation and testing, he designed audio backpacks powered by rechargeable batteries, powerful enough for a long day’s work keeping Mexico’s subways rocking.

Special thanks to Deborah Bonello at Mexico Reporter for filming and editing and to Jota Izquierdo at Captilismo Amarillo for the hook ups.