From the Makery: Stranded Explorers, Hatian Surprise Boxes, and Vintage Photoshop

Art,Business,Technology November 5, 2012 8:55 pm
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Stranded Explorers

In case you’re stranded by the storm, take heart: you don’t have to eat penguin.

In 1914, Sir Shackleton aimed to be the first to cross the Antarctic. Just after beginning his expedition, the ship became frozen in ice and the crew lived there for nearly a year and a half before sending a last-ditch crew in a lifeboat to look for help. They were finally rescued by a whaling crew, and these photos survived.


Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Try a lamayot, a Haitian “surprise box” that contains a mysterious object only visible for a small donation (or candy).

Vintage Photoshop

Photo manipulation dates back long before the rise of digital photography and image manipulation software. Check out Faking It: A Visual History of 150 Years of Image Manipulation Before Photoshop.

3D Teeth

3D printing is for more than just desk toys. Need a bridge or a crown? Rather than expensive and wasteful CNC milling of plaster, dentists can 3D print replacement teeth and implants with pinpoint accuracy.

Scrap Furniture

Check out Brazilian based designer Brunno Jahara’s collection of furniture called Neorustica. It’s constructed entirely from scrap wood found in Brazil and accented by the strong colors of a vibrant culture.