From the Makery: Goldfish Phone Booth, Lettuce Bot, and Sign Language Recognition Gloves

Art,Community,Technology October 17, 2012 6:49 am
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Goldfish Phone Booth

The era of cell phones mean old glass-and-steel phone booths sit empty across city landscapes, suitable only for use in Colin Farrell movies. Art collective Kingyobu has transformed them into public aquariums by sealing them and filling them with goldfish!

Lettuce Bot

Meet the Lettuce Bot. Using a vast database of lettuce images and complex vision algorithms, it pinpoints weeds in lettuce patches – and terminates them with extreme prejudice by hitting them with an overdose of fertilizer. The process is 98% accurate and has the potential to reduce reliance on blanket pesticide spraying.

Sign Language Recognition

Voice recognition technology has its limitations – especially for the speech-impaired. EnableTalk, produced by a group of Ukrainian developers, is a sensor-packed glove that records the gestures used in sign language.

Behind the Scenes at Shapeways

The inspiration and marketplace behind 3D printing, in a behind-the-scenes video from Shapeways.