From the Makery: Afghan Box Cameras, A Wal-Mart Library, and Chinese Military Shovels

Business,Spaces,Technology October 29, 2012 8:29 pm
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Afghan Box Cameras

The Afghan ‘kamra-e-faoree’, a wooden box camera, was once a staple of street life. The camera uses no film, but instantly renders the subject’s face on photographic paper – a kind of handmade Polaroid. Supplanted by digital replacements, the cameras have all but vanished – but two men are on a quest to save them.

Wal-Mart Library

An abandoned big-box store is an eyesore and a waste of space. But in McAllen, Texas, an empty Wal-Mart was repurposed into something better: the nation’s largest single-floor library, with nearly 125,000 square feet of space and 64 computer labs.

Chinese Military Shovel

It slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries! It also acts as a grappling hook, oar, and bottle opener. This video showcases the ultra-functional Chinese army entrenching tool. Includes awesome music – but muting the sound and playing the A-Team theme on loop is also encouraged.

Food Maps

Led by Darin Jensen, this crowd-sourced project maps the world through food distribution, trade, and much more.

3D Printed Acoustic

Scott Summit, a 3D prosthetics designer, always dreamed of owning a custom acoustic guitar, “one like Jerry Garcia would play.” With a pricetag of $3,000 or more, he couldn’t afford one growing up. Revisiting his childhood dream, he modeled and printed a rough draft of one, the first ever 3D printed acoustic guitar – and it purportedly sounds pretty good.