From the Makery: Solar 3D Printing, Official DIY Repairs, and Low-Cost Infant Incubators

Art,Business,Technology October 11, 2012 3:46 am
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Solar 3D Printing

Here comes the sun: Markus Kayser’s 3D printer uses the focused energy of the sun to construct objects out of desert sand. Includes badass footage of the melting sand!

Official DIY Repairs

Teenage Engineering, like many manufacturers, has been frustrated by the high cost of shipping out replacement parts for their synthesizers. Unable to find a reasonably-priced provider, they have provided the CAD files for spare parts so end users can print them on their own.

Low-Cost Infant Incubation

Developed as an alternative to $20,000 incubators, the Embrace infant warmer uses a special phase-change material to maintain temperature for up to 6 hours – without a constant supply of electricity. The device helps babies with low birth weight regulate their body temperature and can help save the lives of the 20 million underweight children born each year.

Extreme Sports Drones

There’s another type of drone flying in Pakistan: camera-toting helicopters, filming extreme sports. Just like the military craft, these drones are a fraction of the cost of a manned vehicle and are sent into areas with dangerous flying conditions — in this case, the Karkoram mountain range. “People are going to see footage from the Karakoram that no human being has ever seen.”

Turtle Robots

Students from ETH Zurich are working on a sea turtle-inspired robot with the purpose of autonomous underwater navigation. The turtle’s rigid body is much simpler to mimic than that of a fish.