Observed: Resistance

Art,Business,Community,Spaces,Technology July 17, 2012 7:00 am

In back alleys, street markets, and hidden workshops around the world, micro-entrepreneurs churn out new ideas and products to help them get by or improve the world around them. We could philosophize on this all day. But here in Observed we ask our correspondents to say nothing. We invite you to take a long glimpse through the lenses of our far-flung contributors.

In this edition, we offer a few different visual interpretations of Resistance, from JR’s now-famous decoration of troubled barrios to the Occupy Wall Street’s surveillance-free radio system. We take to the violent streets of Ciudad Juarez with a group of kids trying to stop the violence and take a peek at a homemade minesweeper cleaning up Afghanistan. All microcosms of street-level resistance in its many forms.